Common music production questions & the answer. 

Can you master a musical instrument in a year? 

Which synth/gear should i get A or B?. 

How to make $100,000 a year in selling beats? 

How much should i charge for beats? 

What type of music should i produce? 

How many YouTube videos should I upload a week? 

Should I put out a sound pack? 

Does my music sound good? 

Is sampling/loops cheating? 

Should i work with other producers? 

Should i give free beats? 

Which lawyer should i go with? 

The answer is the same.

Nobody can tell you. Everybody's journey is different. You could do the same exact thing I did and get very different results. What's good for one person could be bad for another. We always looking for someone to give us the answers when the answers are within ourself. When you ask questions like this shows that you are afraid to experience. You are robbing yourself of one of the greatest things we have. The journey. Can you imagine if people gave all of the "game". No struggle. No testing. No discovery. No happy mistakes. If you became successful. How can you feel good about that? The best teacher is experience. I love figuring out new ideas. Read a book. Research instead posting a question someone asked a week ago. What I'm saying is stop being a bitch. We all done bitch things. There come a time to do different. Now go out there and do your dam thing.

Is your music/beats trash? 

One man's trash is another man's treasure. A song maybe trash to you. To someone else its fire. I've sold 5 year old beats that i classified as "trash". A artist wanted to hear them anyway. That person ended up buying 2 from the stack of beats instead of the new tracks. I've upgraded studio with better equipment. My skills overall is much better as it should be over time yet he wanted the "trash. This is sales 101. Sales is not about having the best product "McDonald's" its about presenting to enough people. Yes having beats that are fire/popular choice will increase your success rate but, if enough people hear your beats will sell. Have you heard of noise music? To most people I know that is nothing but noise/trash. No rhythm no melody reason yet some people love and appreciate it. Trash music is a myth

People giving you fake Instagram & youtube comments for views 

In the music community people on Instagram making generic comments like "This is fire" is seen as a problem to a lot of content creators because they want real feedback. Not a bullshit comment that is only design for you to check them out. Internet gurus such as Gary Vaynerchuk promote the idea of commenting and direct messaging puddle on Instagram you want to work with. Others echo the same idea because the belief is that social media sites reward user who are active on the platform. Plus people will checkout your profile if you say something positive about that person's post. Now that you know why people do it. What do you do about fake comments on your instagram? Engage with that person. Ask them what they like about it. Direct message them and ask questions. When a person comments on your post. They gave you the green like to  with them without you looking like a spammer. Besides you never know that person may have knowledge or a connection you currently do not have. This is a great way to expand your network. There's a few people I ended up doing business with just because of a comment he made on my post I knew was desire for me to check them out. Also when you take the time to have a real conversation you will get useful feedback. So next time you get the annoying generic comment on your post. Make it work for you.

Is using audio loops cheating? 

Using loops is like sampling without having to dig(physically). I feel using loops and sampling is away to collaborate with other musicians to create a music composition. I'm not the best guitar player. Playing guitar on a keyboard does not always get good results. So chopping a guitar loop or sampling vinyl maybe be the best option for what I want to do. Is that cheating? I didn't play it.  If the credits list me as the guitar player. Then yes I cheated. Other then that anyone listening to your music could careless if you played the guitar or not. If it sounds good is all that matters. 



What Is The Best Synthesizer For You? 

I've seen this debate many times on forums such as YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and many other places. Some argue analog is the best. Others say digital sounds as good but with more options. Next you have the ease of use conversation. For example, a lot of people dislike the Korg Microkorg because of its workflow. A lot of options with few knobs to control them. Same with the Waldolf Blofeld and the menu diving. A knob per function on a synth such as the Arp Odyssey & Korg Minilouge is wonderful to program. Some say the Moog One is the greatest synth ever made. Yes, that keyboard is loaded with features but, none of that matters if you don't know how to use it. So to answer the question of what is the best synthesizer. The synthesizer you know how to you use the most! When you really know A synthesizer. You can get sounds out of it that an average user can not. Even if a synthesizer lacks features, with great knowledge you can figure out work arounds to achieve the same or better results as one with more capabilities. Close enough to use and still enjoy. Take the time to master the synthesizer you already own.